Are You Heading For Financial Ruin?

A while ago, I drove all the way to Northern California to see the movie Sex and the City with my best friend. Without giving away the plot, one of the many lessons of the movie, was when to make decisions based on emotion and when to make them based on logic. Both elements are necessary for the most effective decision making. With my analytical background, I often make decisions based on logic. A pros and cons list is often the favorite tool in my arsenal. However, I realized that everyone is different and responds to different triggers. So in this article, in discussing how to have an emergency fund for your business, there is a clearly logical argument for it. But, I also want to present the emotional element to incite action and to really drive the point home. How will you handle an emergency?

The people who design the scams are clever. Most scams look like the real thing and they appear to meet your need or desire. They often piggy-back off the reputation of schemes which are proven to be legitimate, for example, not all lotteries are fake, not all work-from-home schemes are rip offs. Unfortunately it can be extremely hard to tell the difference…so let’s commence your education!

When you're a bachelor or a spinster all that you get can be spent freely for luxuries and other entertainment. One usually doesn't think of saving at that time.

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Most business owners will shy from seeking the services of business consultants because of the natural feeling and reluctance to admit that they need help, as this appears to imply admittance of defeat or expression of their inadequacy. However, these feelings should never be allowed to rule as Business Consultants offer much more value to businesses which is of greater benefit than shying to seek their services. Consultants will give you an unbelievable amount of power and leverage that you just can't achieve on your own. Their efforts will see you raise your sales, improve company efficiency and streamline processes to make your business the most successful it can ever be.